Saalasti solutions are the market leaders for biomass power plants, where there is a need to improve the processes, capacity, and quality of the material.

We are the market-leading partner for companies that handle different kinds of biomass. Read our customer cases where our solutions are successfully used in biomass power plants.

Solutions for biomass power plants: The benefits of Saalasti partnership 

Our machines offer many benefits, such as a long lifespan, tremendous capacity, and the ability to process challenging biomasses, such as round logs, cargo pallets, bundles, and pre-crushed stumps. 

Successful change from coal boilers to biomass boilers 

Company: E.ON Centrale de Provence

Location: Gardanne, France 

The German E.ON, one of the largest energy companies in the world, uses Saalasti Feeders and Chippers in the power plant in Gardanne. In 2012, the company decided to shut the old coal boiler down and convert one of their existing coal boilers to a 600MWth wood-based biomass boiler. Before the transformation, the coal power plant was 2500MW. 

The make the enormous scales, there was a need for big capacity for biomass processing. The biomass power plant would consume wood about 900 000 tonnes per year, both imported and locally. 

The enormous scale required a large capacity biomass processing solutions.

To ensure a steady supply of biomass fuel to the boiler, E.ON started to construct a chipping platform close to the boiler’s location. E.ON opted to install a Saalasti Chipper 1218H, which can process up to 100 tons of biomass per hour. This translates to an impressive yearly capacity of approximately 300,000 tons.

Saaasti chipper is used to transform various woody biomass forms into combustible forms. This includes everything from round logs to reclaimed wood from demolition sites, cargo pallets, bundles, and pre-crushed stumps. The chipping process reduces the material to size P63. 

>> See the whole story here (pdf). 

Biomass power plants got tailored machine adaptation to rapidly changed needs 

Plant: Dalkia Atlantique, Smurfit Kappa Comptoir du Pin Paper Mill 

Location: Biganos, France 

Forest industry company Dalkia Atlantique operates a biomass power plant, where there was planned to start a new era in paper making with the help of stump retrieval with a special Saalasti stump processor.  To meet the annual demand of 500,000 tons, the plant planned to utilize 170,000 tons of stumps collected from the Landes Gascogne forest.

But then the cyclone “Klaus” changed plans overnight: In just one day, a massive 39 million cubic meters of forest were cleared – a staggering four times more than the typical annual harvesting amount.

The wood brought down by the storm was not fit for paper production, but it could be used for energy use in biomass power plants. Saalasti was able to adapt the Saalasti stump crusher to be suitable for the processing of round wood. 

The new installation of Saalasti Chipper 1218H made it possible to produce  150 tons of energy chips per hour from various sources such as round logs, forest residue bundles, and pre-crushed stumps. Later the specialized Saalasti PreCrush stump processor was added to the processing line.

It is notable that the PreCrush can remove up to 20% of sand from stumps, reducing wear and tear on equipment at every stage of the process. 

The Saalasti solution has now separate loading areas for both stumps and round wood.

>> See the technical details here (pdf). 

A massive improvement in the production of renewable energy with noise emission regulations

Company: Dalkia 

Location: Lens, France 

Dalkia, a subsidiary of French utility company EDF,  invested in a new 22MWth biomass-fired power plant in Northern France. Thanks to Saalasti’s solutions, the power plant generates approximately 6.2 MWe of electric power. It is recognized as part of the French Energy Regulation Commission’s CRE3 program, which aims to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy on a larger scale.

Dalkia installed a high-capacity, on-site biomass processor, which secured the continuous biomass supply and massive capacities. The solution was to install Saalasti Chipper 1212H, which can process 70 tonnes per hour of all kinds of biomass, from pre-crushed stumps to trees and logs.

The solution is optimized for long dimensional woody biomass.

The was also a need for noise reduction, as the site locates near a residential area and nature reserve. Saalasti’s solution was to install a special long noise reduction tunnel, which makes the solution more suitable for a delicate environment.

>> See the technical details here (pdf). 

A solution tailored for eucalyptus bark in biomass power plant 

Company: Alvarez Forestal S.A. 

Location: Reocin, Cantabria, Spain

Forestry company Alvarez Forestal specializes in processing fast-growing species such as Eucalyptus globulus and Pinus radiata. Since 2012 the company has operated in a biomass-fired power plant, which serves its plant and also the grid. The barks and branches are loaded on the Saalasti Feeder in the power plant and fed into Saalasti Chipper 1212H.

Eucalyptus is a great species for pulp production with good fiber characteristics, but it must also be processed specially. 

 One of the major challenges in processing eucalyptus is the high level of embedded sand. The sand is a result of the tree’s rapid growth in silt-rich soil and can cause significant wear and tear on machinery. Additionally, the bark of the eucalyptus tree is highly resistant to cutting forces, presenting an additional challenge in the processing of this type of wood.

Saalasti’s solution has improved the processing of eucalyptus drastically. With Saalasti Chipper 1212H, the bark is processed clean-cut particles with minimal “fluffy” texture that could weaken the quality.   

Saalasti’s solutions help to process demanding eucalyptus biomass with great energy value.

>> Read the main numbers of the solution here (pdf). 

Alvarez Forestal

A huge capacity rise in the pelletizing plant 

Company: Biosyl

Location: Cosne-sur-Loire, France 

Biosyl, a French leader in renewable biomass energy, converts wood waste and debris into low-carbon emission energy, in the form of wood pellets. In the Loire valley pelletizing plant, Biosyl had a remarkable plan to raise the capacity of pellet production. At first, the processing capacity was 65 tonnes per hour in the particle size P32, but the aim was lifted to over 100 tonnes per hour. 

One of the key factors that led to the selection of Saalasti technology was its ability to increase the processing power of biomass. The power plant was installed with 2 X 355 kW motors (total 710 kW), with the plan to upgrade to 2 X 500 kW motors in the future. This upgrade will increase the plant’s biomass processing capacity to a total of 100 tons per hour.

The capacity raise was possible with Saalasti’s biomass technology.

>> See the whole story (pdf).

More efficient solution than mobile crushers and chippers

Company: Moulin TP

Location: Monistrol, France 

Moulin TP processes biomass for combustion purposes, and the plant is one of the biggest woody biomass producers in the area. Before the year 2013, Moulin TP was relying on mobile solutions in biomass production in the Monistro sur Loire plant. 

Since the change to Saalasti’s solutions, Moulin TP has been able to drastically raise the capacity and improve the processes. 

With the help of Saalasti machines, Moulin TP terminal could produce 120,000 tonnes of biomass per year and serve 17 customers. As demand grows, the platform can double its capacity to 250,000 tons per year. 

>> Read more about the case here.

Moulin TP

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How was the year 2022 for Saalasti Finland? Although many unexpected things happened worldwide, we increased our turnover by 15% according to our target. The energy crisis accelerated the green transition and has opened up many new opportunities for us. Bioenergy is a compelling solution in the current market situation, especially because of its adjustability and storability. 

In this blog post, we look over the year 2022 with Petteri Korpioja, the CEO of Saalasti Finland. 

– In 2022, we reached an all-time high in the annual turnover of Saalasti Finland. Also, at the group level, we made a record in turnover. Considering the challenging world situation, this is an excellent performance. The year’s events have shown that we can avoid risks more effectively by working only with democratic countries, states Korpioja. 

Saalasti Petteri Korpioja
Petteri Korpioja, CEO of Saalasti.

New records in several business areas and the first outside EU deliveries of HIPPO

Despite the challenging times, we increased our turnover by 15% and hit a new record for Saalasti Finland. The key factors were the positive results in sales to new customers and our lifecycle services. The turnover of new sales to customers was in total 8 million.

The year 2022 was successful for the whole Saalasti Group. At the end of 2022, our subsidiary, baling and wrapping operator Cross Wrap set a record for new orders by over 40% increase. It allows us to expect strong growth also in 2023. 

Our other subsidiary, railway specialist Teräspyörä-Steelwheel also succeeded in its business goals in the past year. In 2023 we expect Teräspyörä to continue the good development path and strong profit-making ability.

One of the highlights of Saalasti last year was starting the first major deliveries of Hippo, an innovative high-pressure press SP 1803. Hippo offers high drying efficiency and huge energy-saving potential. The feedback in the field has been very positive, and this year we see strong growth potential in the customer base of Hippo. 

The previously published Saalasti Press has been the market leader for decades, and with Hippo, we are looking for new market openings, says Korpioja. 

Read more about Hippo

Turbulence in the raw material market – the Saalasti team adapted to changes quickly 

In the spring of 2022, we faced new challenges in our business. The material shortage resulting from the war in Europe and especially the doubling of the price of steel caused significant changes and challenges in the market. 

– Due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, raw material prices skyrocketed, and material availability decreased. We at Saalasti reacted with strong inventory and by developing our subcontractor network, Korpioja says. 

Our production team faced these challenges at the front line. Completing orders in 2022 required a lot of rescheduling and reorganization of the work queues. All orders were delivered as agreed – thanks to the solution-orientedness and flexibility of our team. 

Within 2022, we reorganized many of our processes and operations to better respond to larger delivery volumes and projects in the future. The strengthening of these abilities will also continue in 2023.

Towards strategic subcontracting partnerships globally

The past year, our focus has been on creating resilience and finding alternative ways of working if the primary plan has to be changed. We have to tie new international partnerships to guarantee the continuity of our operations in surprising situations and better monitor our delivery times. 

In 2022, many projects were delayed due to factors influencing the entire industry. Spikes in sick leaves caused by the coronavirus, raw material shortage and production load required a review of our operating models. 

– Recently our focus has been on how to act against supply and availability disruptions in the long term. We have developed, for example, our storage of certain components. We always have high-quality original spare parts available for our customers, tells Korpioja. 

We have done significant work in procurement to increase our international procurement network and improve our supplier control. That will enhance the competitiveness of the Saalasti Group in the long term.

The war in Europe demands drawing clear lines: Saalasti stands for democracy in all of its operations 

One lesson from 2022 is to work with subcontractors that follow democracy. That will reduce risks and underline the values ​​we at Saalasti group want to support. 

– Russia’s war in Ukraine put us in a difficult position because Russia has been an important market area for all of the companies in the Saalasti group. In the end, there was only one possible solution: we completely withdrew from the Russian market like many other Finnish and international companies. We at Saalasti group no longer do business with totalitarian or authoritarian states. The risks are too high, but it’s also a value choice for us. We are on the side of democracy, Korpioja emphasizes. 

Despite the outbreak of the war, we have continued to work on the agreed projects in Ukraine. 

– It has been important to us that we strive to complete all started projects in Ukraine, even though it is challenging under the current circumstances. We have also supported Ukraine in other ways, for example by making a large donation to Ukrainian children, Korpioja continues. 

Russia used to be a big market area for our maintenance services, so it’s notable that we were able to make an all-time high also in the maintenance business unit turnover. 

Read more: Saalasti lifecycle services

The global bioenergy market is growing even more year 2023 – investments in innovative development will continue

In 2023, Saalasti Finland aims for a 21–22 million turnover. The total turnover target for Saalasti Group is 40 million. 

We will continue with the organizational changes and investments started in 2022 to better meet our customer’s needs in the coming years. We are the market leader in biomass processing solutions and part of the green transition. 

The energy revolution is proceeding and affecting all industrial operators. 

As a consequence of the energy crisis, interest in bioenergy has grown. That’s primarily due to its adjustability and storability. The renewal of the energy industry will open up many opportunities for us. For example, the pellet market is growing strongly in Europe, and we are a steady partner in the sustainable pellet industry.

Read more: Pellet production success story 

The war in Europe has speeded up the green transition, showing that the world can quickly make significant changes in the energy markets. In the long term, our development plans are on the development of non-burning forms of energy. 

Do you want to hear more about Saalasti solutions and the partnership we could start in 2023? Contact us, and let’s discuss the needs of your production.

Contact us

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In the wood pellet production, German company Van Roje was able to raise the production capacity from 60 to 90 tonnes with the same volume of heat and without additional combustion systems. This was possible with Saalasti High-Pressure Dewatering Press 1803 “Hippo”, which removes approximately half of the water content of the wood.

The need to raise capacity and modernise pellet production

Energiepellets Oberhonnefeld, part of van Roje, has specialised in sustainable pellet production since 2007. The company has one of the leading softwood sawmills in Europe with a long company history.

The sawmill produces wood chips and sawdust, which are processed into FSC and EN plus certified wood pellets on the Oberhonnefeld site. The high-quality wood pellets are made only from natural sawdust without artificial binders. The energy for the pellet production comes from the company’s heating plant, which offers renewable energy for production.

Van Roje planned to grow its pellet production from approximately 40 000 tonnes to 80–90 000 tonnes per year. But there was a question about heating and drying capacity and how it could answer to increasing demands of capacity raise. The belt dryer was fully in operation, while the heating plant was close to the upper limit of its capacity.

− The problem was that we did not have enough heat in our heating plant to raise the pellet production volume. And then we heard about the new Saalasti press, says Gerhard Hauschulte, the Managing Director of van Roje.

Van Roje pellet production machine
Gerhard Hauschulte, the Managing Director of van Roje

Higher production rate and massive energy savings year-round

The solution to boosting productivity came with the new Saalasti Press 1803, also known as ”Hippo”. The new press is a mechanical dewatering solution, which reduces the moisture content of biomasses such as wood chips and sawdust. The ”Hippo” press is the newest version of Saalasti presses, which have been market leaders many years before.

The benefits of the new technology soon became apparent. The press drastically reduces raw wood’s moisture content while connected upstream of the belt dryer. The water content of the wood that van Roje uses is about 40 % before the drying process.

The press reduces about 55 % moisture from the material, which is a very big improvement.

Thanks to the lower water content of the biomass, the belt dryer’s performance is maximised with the same thermal energy. This meant that van Roje had also gained massive energy savings.

– There was no need to invest in energy production or an additional combustion system. Otherwise, we would have needed a bigger belt dryer, Hauschulte adds.

The moisture removal is so effective that the operation stays steady year-round, which was not the case before.

– Normally, our capacity would be smaller in the winter, but now we can run our operation steadily year-round. Without the presses, we would have about 50 % less capacity in our pellet production, Hauschulte highlights.

Top-quality material with lower pellet production cost

The innovative solution was convincing, as it was tailored to the needs of van Roje, as Hauschulte says.

− It was very important that the solution could be able to press both sawdust and wood chips. Saalasti was the only one who could provide a viable technical solution for the use of sawdust also.

The press also improves the quality of the dry material. The wood chips are pre-crushed in the press, which increases the evaporation surface of the material. The material will thus be more homogenous overall, while the whole thermal drying process will be more efficient.

Press is a long-term investment that will pay itself back in several ways. The machine enables greater capacity while saving energy, and there are continuous savings on the pellet production costs.

The production cost per tonne is much cheaper with the press, while the energy savings are huge.

− I have recommended this solution to several companies with the same operation as us. The heavy construction of the machine is also a good thing, and its operation is very reliable, Hauschulte ends.

The benefits in short

  • Higher production volume with the same amount of heat; no need to add energy consumption.
  • Removes the moisture content from both wood chips and sawdust dramatically.
  • The quality of the dry material is improved in the crushing and drying process.
  • Year-round steady operation is possible.

Contact us to hear more about our solutions for pellet production

Do you want to hear more about Saalasti solutions? Contact us, and let’s discuss the needs of your production.

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>> Read more about Saalasti High-Pressure Dewatering Press



Thanks to our top-quality machines, service, and the mutual trust with our clients and partners, we have rooted success in Chile. – Nicolas Rönning, the General Manager of Saalasti Chile.

Saalasti has years of business history in Chile where we offer a complete local service from new machine installations to maintenance and machine rebuilds. Our Chilean headquarters are located in Hualpén in the metropolitan area of Concepción, in Central Chile.

Read ahead and get to know our base for South American business! 

A reliable partner to the pulp and paper industry in Chile

Strong pulp and paper industries are common in both Saalasti’s countries of origin – Finland and Chile. As a market leader in biomass machines, we offer local services to our clients in our biggest market areas. Saalasti’s clients in Chile mostly consist of pulp mills whose operators we help with sustainable solutions. 

Setting up a branch office in Chile was needed because machine and spare part deliveries had been done to Chile for years.

– There were already many Saalasti machines in Chile so it was a natural step to grow our presence locally in Chile, Rönning says. 

Rönning has been working with Saalasti for many years. Before the Saalasti Chile office started in full pace in 2017 he was working for a company representing Saalasti in Chile. 

There are more than 25 Saalasti machines in Chile – including Saalasti Crushers, Chippers, and Presses.

Even though Saalasti Chile is geographically far from headquarters and other Saalasti offices in Sweden, Canada, and Spain, communication between the offices is close-knit. 

We have excellent relations with the other Saalasti offices. We learn a lot from one another by sharing ideas and thoughts that help our clients. When we support one another, we ensure the best possible service to our clients, Rönning states.


What services does Saalasti offer in Chile?

From our Chilean site, we offer a vast range of our services: 

The growth that Saalasti Chile has had during the years is not only related to Saalasti machines, but during the years, in Chile we have developed different business areas that are related to the wood industry. They are like;

  • Representation of Nicholson debarkers, worldwide log debarkers for sawmill industry. 
  • Cutting tools sales agents for saw and pulp mills.
  • Technology area that provides its own developments solutions to saw and pulp mills.

Besides, with our reliable and curated partners, we offer a stronger overall service to our customers.

Speaking of Saalasti workers, Saalasti Chile provides employment to approximately 30 persons, including sales, administration,  maintenance, and services in our workshop.

We are also happy to say that we are a Great Place to Work certified organization that cares about its employers.  Our Chilean branch also gained very high points in the GPTW survey, which measures employer experience and satisfaction.

Saalasti office

Rebuilding improves the machine lifecycle 

In Chile, the rebuilding of machine parts is a big part of Saalasti’s services. We have established a workshop where our professionals are specialized in repairing worn parts of Saalasti machines. The rebuilding is usually done in our workshop, but it can also be done on our customer’s site. 

– Saalasti’s rebuilding workshop makes machine parts new again. Our robust machines are meant to last decades, and one important thing is to ensure the good condition of hard-wearing parts, Rönning says. 

In rebuilding or recuperation, we rebuild parts to the original dimensions and tolerances. In our workshops, we sample recuperate the parts with quality welding. 

Rebuilding makes machine parts new again.

The rebuilding scope is tailored to the customer’s needs. For example, for Saalasti Chippers and Crushers, we can rebuild the rotors, crusher bars, and grates while we replace worn parts. 

Saalasti Chile also provides fast rebuilding and maintenance services locally. 

– And when the rebuild is not the best option anymore, naturally, we offer original spare parts for all Saalasti machines, Rönning adds. 

Saalasti rebuilding

Trust and top-quality service behind every happy client

When talking about customer satisfaction, gaining and maintaining trust have been the key elements in Chile, just like in other countries. 

“Promises made are promises kept” mindset is shared by all Saalasti branches internationally.

The key element for building long-lasting trust is understanding what our customers value. 

– Our clients are satisfied because Saalasti can find the right solution for their machines.  By using the right materials, and offering quality maintenance by our professionals, we ensure the best lifecycle for the Saalasti machines, Rönning highlights.

And it goes without saying that all of our services always strive to enhance our client’s business. 

– We always care about the customer’s money. We have satisfied clients, as we have been able to increase the operativity of our machines, he adds.

We always care about the customer’s money. Our clients are satisfied because Saalasti can find the right solution for their machines.

Also, we take full responsibility for our actions in every situation.

– Being honest is a very important value for us. If we make a mistake – which nobody wants – we take responsibility for that and fix things, he states. 

In a digital world, face-to-face meetings are still important

Saalasti has strengthened its position in the Chile office over the past few years, during which the world has changed a lot. What does the future look like for Saalasti in Chile? 

Now that worldwide travel restrictions have been eased, there will be more socialising and traveling to client meetings. Although digitalisation is rapidly going forward, it can’t completely replace face-to-face meetings.

 – It looks like 2023 is finally going to be the year for traveling and socialising. More trade shows, client meetings, and new grand openings. I travel a lot for my job and regularly meet our customers, partners, and contacts on their sites and during fairs. It’s very important to be on the field to provide the best service to our partners, Rönning says. 

In the future, Saalasti will strengthen its position further in other parts of South America. For example in Brazil where there is a demand for sustainable paper and pulp solutions.

Last but not least, Saalasti is an apparent operator locally. We actively partake in supporting the local community. 

 – We also do good for the community. To mention one thing, we sponsor the local rugby club and soccer teams that bring joy to people’s spare time, Rönning states. 

Do you want to hear more about Saalasti services in Chile? 

Contact us and we will happily tell more about how our sustainable solutions can help your biomass business.

Nicolas Rönning +56 9 6596 0605,   nicolas.ronning(a)


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Did you know that our oldest machines have been operating continuously since the 1980s? 

To sum up why our machines are top-performing decade after decade, it would all come down to maintenance and lifecycle services.  With our professional service, we ensure that our clients can make the most of their investments. 

Sustainability is our core value, which reflects on our machines concretely. They are sustainable in many ways; they help our customers to operate effectively with sustainable biomass, but they also sustain their value for decades. 

Read further and learn about the benefits of our lifecycle and maintenance services and why you should choose us as a service partner.

You will get to know about the benefits of our maintenance services directly from our hands-on performers. Tips will be shared by Janne Kuuseva, Service Manager Finland and Antti Kumpumäki, Service Manager Team Leader in Finland.

Protect the performance line but also the people

As we know, for any company, top-performing machines are crucial for their production and bottom line. At the same time, it’s noted that machine maintenance does protect not only your bottom line, but also every employee who operates the machine. 

Our vast services ensure that your Saalasti machine is both top-performing and productive but also safe to operate. It also goes without saying that our machines are compatible with high-reliability performance. 

Our maintenance services include everything that will keep your machine healthy:

  1. Maintenance for all Saalasti machines according to your needs: from changing consumable parts to turnkey contracts.
  2. Lifecycle services including, for example, preventive maintenance and service inspections.
  3. Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) spare parts for all Saalasti machines worldwide.
  4. Machinery updates where we optimise your machines to your current needs. This is a far more cost-efficient solution than investing in a completely new machine. 
  5. The machine’s maintenance history and reports are always available to you. 

 Read more about our services.


Service inspection reveals upcoming maintenance targets

Preventive measures are at the core of our lifecycle services. With them, you can enjoy the high performance of the machine and prevent unexpected maintenance needs. 

To make sure that our clients have the best operation, we offer service inspections.

In service inspections, we review the condition of your machine and any future measures that require maintenance, such as the need for consumable parts and machine upgrades.

“Service inspections are a good arrangement for both our clients and us. While our client can prepare themselves for upcoming reparations, we can schedule our maintenance beforehand and reserve the right resources for every asset”, Kuuseva says. 

Usually, service inspections are made twice a year on-site at your factory. During the two-day inspection, we check the condition of the machine when it’s running and when it’s not in use.

Thanks to service inspection, you can also supply critical components well in advance.

“It is definitely a good thing for the customer that we can assess the need to replace certain components and parts in advance. This way we can order the components beforehand and install them at the right time”, Kumpumäki says.

The core of service inspection is always to ensure the seamless performance of your machine.

“No one wants unexpected maintenance costs and untimely downtimes. With service inspection, we support our clients to know the upcoming maintenance needs ahead of time”, Kuuseva adds.


Minimising downtimes with timely service

Saalasti’s robust machines are essential to your processes and production lines. So we are often asked, how long will the maintenance take and how will it affect production lines?

In many cases, our maintenance will not affect your production performance at all. 

“If there are two or more Saalasti machines in one plant, we can arrange maintenance with no downtime at all”, Kumpumäki says. 

“And to plants with only one Saalasti machine, service inspection and proactive maintenance are really important. With them, we can schedule the maintenance for a time slot that’s the most convenient for the client”, he adds.

Scheduling maintenance according to seasons is often a good idea, especially in the northern areas. 

“If you’re wondering whether it’s better to have your machine’s maintenance done before or after the winter, it’s always better to schedule it before winter. The machine will be fully functional for the challenging season well in advance. Also, maintenance is not needed when energy is being consumed the most”, Kumpumäki points out.


Dedicated professionals at your service

When thinking about why you can rely on Saalasti’s services, there are many reasons.

“It’s safe to say that as a manufacturing company, we have the best expertise, special skills and tools to take care of Saalasti machines”, Kuuseva says.

“Each maintenance staff member is given a thorough hands-on training with our machines. No degree teaches you how to use and maintain Saalasti machines, so everyone gets an up-to-date and practical introduction to them, ” he adds.

It is also worth noting that we always aim to work as near the client as possible with our local services.

As a global market leader of biomass machines, we will serve our clients all over the world in different languages.

Our clients are happy with our fast reaction times with the right actions and flexible services. For example, because of the wide range of available components, we can replace consumable parts if we notice there is a need for that.

And in case there are any unexpected issues, you will reach us quickly. 

“Our online support is available 24/7, and if the situation is critical, we will be at your factory fast,” Kuuseva notes.

We offer different maintenance services from changing single components to anticipatory maintenance to annual maintenance.

Checklist to Saalasti machine maintenance

  1. Preventive maintenance ensures the reliable performance of the robust machine.
  2. Service inspections will pay for themselves, as you can prepare for future maintenance needs well in advance.  
  3. Need a tailored maintenance solution? We can arrange that according to your needs! 
  4. Machine updates can save you from new investments.
  5. Our online support is there for you 24/7. Is the situation critical? Call your local maintenance and we will take care of it. 

Do you want to hear more about our maintenance services? 

All Saalasti machines are meant to last decades, not years. We will ensure the performance with our vast after-sales services all over the world. 

Contact your local Maintenance Manager here.