How to maintain the maximal performance of Saalasti machine? Maintenance and lifecycle services at your service

Did you know that our oldest machines have been operating continuously since the 1980s? 

To sum up why our machines are top-performing decade after decade, it would all come down to maintenance and lifecycle services.  With our professional service, we ensure that our clients can make the most of their investments. 

Sustainability is our core value, which reflects on our machines concretely. They are sustainable in many ways; they help our customers to operate effectively with sustainable biomass, but they also sustain their value for decades. 

Read further and learn about the benefits of our lifecycle and maintenance services and why you should choose us as a service partner.

You will get to know about the benefits of our maintenance services directly from our hands-on performers. Tips will be shared by Janne Kuuseva, Service Manager Finland and Antti Kumpumäki, Service Manager Team Leader in Finland.

Protect the performance line but also the people

As we know, for any company, top-performing machines are crucial for their production and bottom line. At the same time, it’s noted that machine maintenance does protect not only your bottom line, but also every employee who operates the machine. 

Our vast services ensure that your Saalasti machine is both top-performing and productive but also safe to operate. It also goes without saying that our machines are compatible with high-reliability performance. 

Our maintenance services include everything that will keep your machine healthy:

  1. Maintenance for all Saalasti machines according to your needs: from changing consumable parts to turnkey contracts.
  2. Lifecycle services including, for example, preventive maintenance and service inspections.
  3. Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) spare parts for all Saalasti machines worldwide.
  4. Machinery updates where we optimise your machines to your current needs. This is a far more cost-efficient solution than investing in a completely new machine. 
  5. The machine’s maintenance history and reports are always available to you. 

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Service inspection reveals upcoming maintenance targets

Preventive measures are at the core of our lifecycle services. With them, you can enjoy the high performance of the machine and prevent unexpected maintenance needs. 

To make sure that our clients have the best operation, we offer service inspections.

In service inspections, we review the condition of your machine and any future measures that require maintenance, such as the need for consumable parts and machine upgrades.

“Service inspections are a good arrangement for both our clients and us. While our client can prepare themselves for upcoming reparations, we can schedule our maintenance beforehand and reserve the right resources for every asset”, Kuuseva says. 

Usually, service inspections are made twice a year on-site at your factory. During the two-day inspection, we check the condition of the machine when it’s running and when it’s not in use.

Thanks to service inspection, you can also supply critical components well in advance.

“It is definitely a good thing for the customer that we can assess the need to replace certain components and parts in advance. This way we can order the components beforehand and install them at the right time”, Kumpumäki says.

The core of service inspection is always to ensure the seamless performance of your machine.

“No one wants unexpected maintenance costs and untimely downtimes. With service inspection, we support our clients to know the upcoming maintenance needs ahead of time”, Kuuseva adds.


Minimising downtimes with timely service

Saalasti’s robust machines are essential to your processes and production lines. So we are often asked, how long will the maintenance take and how will it affect production lines?

In many cases, our maintenance will not affect your production performance at all. 

“If there are two or more Saalasti machines in one plant, we can arrange maintenance with no downtime at all”, Kumpumäki says. 

“And to plants with only one Saalasti machine, service inspection and proactive maintenance are really important. With them, we can schedule the maintenance for a time slot that’s the most convenient for the client”, he adds.

Scheduling maintenance according to seasons is often a good idea, especially in the northern areas. 

“If you’re wondering whether it’s better to have your machine’s maintenance done before or after the winter, it’s always better to schedule it before winter. The machine will be fully functional for the challenging season well in advance. Also, maintenance is not needed when energy is being consumed the most”, Kumpumäki points out.


Dedicated professionals at your service

When thinking about why you can rely on Saalasti’s services, there are many reasons.

“It’s safe to say that as a manufacturing company, we have the best expertise, special skills and tools to take care of Saalasti machines”, Kuuseva says.

“Each maintenance staff member is given a thorough hands-on training with our machines. No degree teaches you how to use and maintain Saalasti machines, so everyone gets an up-to-date and practical introduction to them, ” he adds.

It is also worth noting that we always aim to work as near the client as possible with our local services.

As a global market leader of biomass machines, we will serve our clients all over the world in different languages.

Our clients are happy with our fast reaction times with the right actions and flexible services. For example, because of the wide range of available components, we can replace consumable parts if we notice there is a need for that.

And in case there are any unexpected issues, you will reach us quickly. 

“We always respond within 24 hours, and if the situation is critical, we will quickly be at your factory”, Kuuseva notes.

We offer different maintenance services from changing single components to anticipatory maintenance to annual maintenance.

Checklist to Saalasti machine maintenance

  1. Preventive maintenance ensures the reliable performance of the robust machine.
  2. Service inspections will pay for themselves, as you can prepare for future maintenance needs well in advance.  
  3. Need a tailored maintenance solution? We can arrange that according to your needs! 
  4. Machine updates can save you from new investments.
  5. Is the situation critical? Call your local maintenance and we will take care of it. 

Do you want to hear more about our maintenance services? 

All Saalasti machines are meant to last decades, not years. We will ensure the performance with our vast after-sales services all over the world. 

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