Sustainable biomass company – What does sustainability mean to Saalasti?

Saalasti aims to be a sustainable biomass company by various measures, so we have established clear frameworks and objectives for our sustainability efforts.

“Investing in sustainability is important not only due to legislation but also for moral reasons. We need to take care of the planet for future generations, and we want to conduct our business on honourable principles,” says Petteri Korpioja, the CEO of Saalasti.

The EU’s directive on sustainability reporting will apply to our operations starting in 2026; however, we are already implementing sustainability actions.

At Saalasti, sustainability comprises several components: responsible business relationships, social responsibility, and environmental aspects.

Sustainable biomass company – What is Saalasti doing for a better planet, business relations and employees?

Machines that are made to last

All our solutions are designed to withstand time, heavy wear, and varying materials. Our robust machines are made to last decades, not just years, with the oldest ones having been in operation since the 1980s.

Our maintenance services are designed to ensure that your machines are always in good working order. By repairing, upgrading, and renewing your machinery, we help extend its lifespan and reduce the need for new machine investments.

We use only high-quality OEM parts and components to refurbish machines under various conditions, ensuring your equipment is running at peak performance.

For our customers, this means cost-effective and reliable operations. Our machines stay up-to-date as they can be upgraded in many cases  if our customers want to increase capacity or change the materials processed.

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 We choose to operate with partners who respect democracy

We uphold Western values and do not engage in trade with authoritarian or totalitarian states. This commitment is reflected in our selection of suppliers and partners, as we exclude specific procurement channels and partners from our operations.

We collaborate exclusively with countries that respect democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. This approach is not only about morality but also minimizes business risks.

Saalasti’s principles include:

  • We do not subcontract from authoritarian or totalitarian states.
  • We ceased all business activities in Russia following the onset of the Ukraine war in 2022. This principle also applies to intermediaries circumventing sanctions and supplying goods to Russia. For instance, we track through serial numbers to ensure that no parts or products manufactured by Saalasti end up in Russia.
  • All Saalasti-specific components are manufactured in democratic countries, and we ensure proper working conditions through supplier audits.
  • We aim to reduce dependency on China, which is a form of risk management for our business.

Beyond green talk: Measured data on our carbon footprint and handprint

Since the 1980s, the environment has been a key focus of Saalasti’s sustainability efforts. All our machines are designed to support the circular economy and promote more environmentally friendly, energy-saving practices.

Our solutions play a crucial role in the green transition, as they enable the replacement of fossil fuels with greener alternatives. For example, our on-site chippers reduce the need for fossil fuels.

We need to demonstrate our environmental impact based on data. We have calculated our carbon footprint and handprint using the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol, considered the gold standard for carbon footprint calculation.

Our “carbon handprint” is as important as our “carbon footprint” because it reflects the positive impact of our innovations in reducing carbon emissions.

The Saalasti High-Pressure Press (Hippo) is more effective at drying biomass and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions than other methods.

To learn more about our environmental impact calculations and sustainable biomass production, read more here.

Great workplace – today and tomorrow

We prioritize employee well-being and consider it an essential aspect of our sustainable company values.

As a family-owned business, we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment that promotes respect and positivity.

Our company culture encourages open discussions where everyone can participate regardless of position. We believe in equal opportunities for all our employees to succeed, and we work together to develop guidelines supporting this belief.

Good employee satisfaction also means providing high-quality products and services to our customers. This happens as we emphasize the importance of completing our work diligently and taking responsibility.

We use the Teamspective tool for continuous monitoring to better understand and improve employee satisfaction. The tool collects rapid feedback via simple online surveys, frequently updating our employees’ sentiments and requirements. This helps us to implement changes and sustain a supportive work atmosphere.

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Strong commitment to sustainable biomass business

Sustainability work is an ongoing commitment. We strive to create a future where responsible business practices benefit our customers, employees, and the community.

As our CEO states, sustainability should always be a business-wise solution:

“Sustainability efforts are also profitable business practices that enable the whole operational continuity.”

In the future, we will further develop our sustainability initiatives, metrics, and monitoring.

For example, we are implementing a new ERP system to systematically enhance our ability to gather detailed information on various sustainability topics. This new system will introduce environmental transaction data alongside financial transaction data. In addition to the cost of materials, their environmental impact will also be considered, extending this analysis across the entire supply chain.

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