Improve the performance of your machine with an upgrade

How can you ensure your machine creates the most value for you in changing conditions? Are you planning to increase capacity or switch to other biomass?

Updating and upgrading machines allows your facility to operate efficiently in varying conditions without requiring new equipment purchases.

Saalasti machines are renowned for their longevity, with some still in operation since the 1980s. This is largely due to professional maintenance and regular updates.

Discover the advantages of upgrading or updating your Saalasti machine for improved operations and performance. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Machine updates are a crucial part of maintaining machine performance and longevity as part of professional maintenance.

Machine upgrades will increase performance and productivity 

Upgrading your machine is a good idea when:

  • You want to increase your facility’s capacity, performance or other key production indicator. For instance, replacing worn capital components with upgraded versions will improve your machine’s performance significantly.
  • There is a need to upgrade the machine to handle new types of biomass. For example, you need to transition from clean roundwood to more dirty and easily available biomass types. 
  • If certain machine parts are worn or damaged, replacing them with new ones may be necessary to achieve maximum efficiency in machine operation.
  • You want to improve the machine’s energy efficiency. Upgrading to more energy-efficient components can save energy and reduce operating costs.

“The wood brought down by the storm was not fit for paper production, but it could be used for energy production/used as energy in biomass power plants. Saalasti adapted the Saalasti stump crusher for processing round wood. “ Read more.

Case: Upgrading bark presses to improve performance for years ahead

Numerous performance upgrades have been implemented on Saalasti Bark Press machines over the years, and currently during the recent year’s significant updates to the pressing process has been implemented yielding higher dry solid content and more stable output from the machines. Close to a dozen of press units are equipped with the latest performance updates and more is still to come. We install these upgrades on both new and older machines.

The machines have been efficiently handling materials such as pine and spruce bark and have served the customer’s facility well for years. Thanks to our continuous machine updates, their performance has significantly improved.

Performance upgrades enhance the machine’s capabilities for up to decades. With careful component selection, we ensure smooth operation, and the machine is also easy to optimize and update as needed over the years. This enables our customers to fully benefit from the system update.

What types of machine upgrades does Saalasti offer?

We can upgrade our machines based on your facility’s needs and the processed biomass types.

Examples of typical upgrades: 

  • Performance upgrades.
  • Wear resistance upgrades and improvements.
  • Process optimization.
  • Second-hand machine rebuilds and upgrades. 

Refurbishment and rebuild services are provided by all of our service centres worldwide, some even manufacturers of new parts as well. Refurbishment of certain parts is environmentally and economically wise. By using Saalasti OEM services, we can guarantee top quality and OEM specifications on refurbished parts.

Why should continuous maintenance not be forgotten?

The performance of machines depends not only on updates but also on regular and timely maintenance, which is crucial for both performance and cost savings.

The benefits of expert maintenance service:

  • Ensure that the machines operate efficiently and cost-effectively throughout the year without being affected by seasonal variations.
  • Get informed of maintenance needs well in advance.
  • Avoid unexpected equipment failure and production interruptions through proactive maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance prevents safety issues, protecting machine users.

OEM maintenance services ensure safe operation and compliance with regulations.

When you opt for OEM manufacturer service, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible results. Our team of experts has an in-depth understanding of our machines and extensive knowledge of their design, operation, and maintenance requirements. 

We provide comprehensive maintenance and lifecycle services to customers worldwide. Learn more about our lifecycle services and OEM spare parts.

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Why should you choose Saalasti as a service and maintenance partner? 

  • You will receive service from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), a leading company in the biomass machine industry.
  • We offer OEM parts designed and manufactured specifically for the machine. The high-quality parts ensure efficient and reliable machine performance. Using third-party parts can compromise quality and increase the risk of breakdowns. 
  • Ensure your machine performs at its best and maintains its functionality today and in the coming decades.
  • We offer locally tailored services to meet your specific needs.
  • Many of our long-term customers can attest to their high satisfaction levels.
  • You can obtain accurate documentation that provides a detailed record of the machine’s maintenance history.
  • We keep a close eye on industry requirements and update our machinery accordingly. You’ll gain access to these benefits during updates.

Contact us to learn about machine upgrades and other solutions that can extend the life and enhance the performance of your Saalasti machine.