Greet Saalasti Swedish Office: the base for support for the Scandinavian area

“Be where our customers are” may sound cliche, but is one of the leading thoughts that allows our customers to focus on their core business. Our robust machines are meant to operate for decades not years, and our services ensure that the machines will perform at their best year after year. 

As a market leader in sustainable biomass machines, it goes without saying that we provide services around the world, outside of our country of origin Finland. 

The first office we opened outside of Finland is in another Nordic country, Sweden, where we have been serving our Scandinavian customers since 2014. 

Saalasti Swedish office is located at Hallstahammar in Central Sweden about 140 km from Stockholm to the West. The area is known for its beautiful landscapes with softwood forests and nature parks and a long history of industrial activity. 

Read on and find out about our services in Scandinavia, and what our skilled workers how our skilled employees describe their daily work.

At the crossroads of the Scandinavian forest industry

It was a natural step to open our first office outside of Finland in our neighboring country. Our customer relations with Swedish customers have long historical roots, while the market area with Swedish industry is very steady. As we know, Sweden and other Nordic countries are the market leaders with sustainable forestry and paper mills.

On top of that, the location makes Sweden a great spot to serve our customers also in Norway and Denmark. Because of this, we can reach our customers quickly and individually. In Sweden, we can also serve our customers in a common language.

Our Scandinavian customers operate vastly with different biomaterials. We serve, for example, the pulp and paper industry and power plants with our sustainable solutions.

We offer all of our services from machine deliveries to life cycle services in Sweden, as we serve our customers comprehensively. 


Securing maximal performance with proactive and timely service

We are proud to say that our machines are life-long investments: The oldest Saalasti machines have been operating on the same sites since the late 1980s. To make sure that the machines have the longest operational time with minimal downtimes, our support services have a key role.

Our maintenance services are not just about fixing what is nonfunctioning: they are about preventive maintenance that helps our customers save time and money. 

– Thanks to our maintenance services, our clients have one less machine to worry about. They can be confident that their processes work seamlessly with maximal performance, says Robert Rouvari, the CEO of Saalasti Sweden.

From our Swedish office, we offer vast after-sales services, including maintenance, spare parts, and lifecycle services.  Since our professionals know the functions of our machines the best, maintenance visits on the spot are the most efficient. 

– Our service professionals have a steady experience in industrial maintenance, and they are the real problem-solvers to our clients, Rouvari says.

– We can send service personnel to the site quickly, which minimizes downtime and worries for our customers. Typically, we respond to service requests within 24 hours of receiving them, Rouvari adds.

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Meet the team behind maintenance services: “If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t work here” 

Behind every satisfied customer, there is one of our skillful professionals. Last, but definitely not least, let’s meet the faces behind our services.

The Saalasti Swedish office has a maintenance team of four professionals serving our clients according to their needs.

Service Technician Joni Alatalo has been working for Saalasti for over three years. Workdays fly by doing different types of technical maintenance tasks. 

– My daily tasks vary a lot depending on our customers’ needs. It can be between changing bearings, routine checks, or bigger maintenance tasks.

Alatalo likes his job, as there is the right amount of variation and routines. 

– There is the right balance between responsibility and freedom here. One must be ready to travel flexibly to the customer’s site. But at the same time, you have the possibility to influence your daily work.

Alatalo also likes the atmosphere at Saalasti, where everyone’s voice is heard:

– Although Saalasti is a big company, it is not stiff or bureaucratic.

Dennis Hagert, Service Manager, enjoys his job, too. Previously he worked as a technician, but thanks to the development opportunities at Saalasti, his job description was upgraded.

– I am the one they call first when there is a “problem” on the site. I handle all the services and after-sales work and provide the right mechanics to customers’ sites.

– Workdays are very different. Some days I stay at one place, the other day I might drive a longer distance to a customer’s site. After all, I like that I can work with my hands and with technology.

Hagert also says that the values of Saalasti can be seen in everyday work.

– Saalasti has a real mindset of a family business. Here the employees are taken care of and the aim is always to have long-term employees. The management is not distant, and you can discuss your work arrangements openly with your manager.

Hagert says that Saalasti is a great place to work for tech-oriented, flexible and eager people.

– If I didn’t like this place, I would not work here. I hope Saalasti stays like this until I retire.

Read more about Saalasti as a workplace here. You can leave your application even though we didn’t have officially open positions, as we go through all applications once we have a need for a new service professional.  

Saalasti Swedish Office | Saalasti Sverige AB

  • Serving since 2014 with sales and vast after-sales services in the heart of the Scandinavian forest industry.
  • Lifecycle services include maintenance, spare parts, machine updates, and service contracts.
  • Range for Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
  • Four service specialists at your service!

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