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Cost savings in Biomass unloading

Traditional truck unloading
A truck can usually unload itself in 15 - 20 minutes. Traditionally, trucks unload to intermediate storages. This is to avoid trucks having to wait. Furthermore, some chippers need near-singulated log flow, which might lead to the use of intermediate storages.

The traditional truck unloading has some downsides: firstly, the intermediate storages are expensive, and secondly, the log decks work with logs only. The third downside is that the log deck takes a lot of space and complicates traffic near the biomass processing station. In addition, log deck is not good at avoiding waiting as rarely two trucks can unload to it simultaneously. If chipping capacity is higher than truck unloading capacity, a log deck mostly acts as an expensive conveyor only.

Saalasti unloading system
It has been shown that almost without an exception, the fuel of a biomass firing power plant changes over time. This fact indicates that it would be beneficial if the feeding system could feed all kinds of materials to the chipper, and this is also Saalasti system's first advantage. Compared to a log deck that can handle only logs, Saalasti's special biomass feeder feeds logs, thinning wood, loose biomass, bundles and even stumps easily to the chipper or crusher.

Another major advantage of the Saalasti system is that there is always two parking spots for trucks, which means that two trucks can conveniently unload simultaneously. The feeder can be loaded with a crane or a front end loader. The feeder is also reversible in case of metal detection and ejection, and it is equipped with a cleaning screen zone.

Probably the greatest advantage of Saalasti system is that the feeder feeds the chipper or crusher with so high volumetric and tonnage rate that no intermediate storage is required before the feeder, and there is still always free space where to load more material. Depending on the chipper size, 3 - 6 trucks can be unloaded per hour.

Finally, for a system with a Saalasti-type feeder, Saalasti can give a very high availability guarantee. The guarantee is clearly higher than log deck or vibratory feeder availability guarantees. 


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Main advantages of Saalasti unloading system

1. No need for an intermediate storage before the feeder

2. Suitable for all wood based raw material

3. Two trucks may unload simultaneously

4. Higher availability guarantee

5. Low total costs




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