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Saalasti S.L.U. is looking for a Service Engineer to enforce our team in Spain

  • Saalasti Oy is a family company from Finland, with operations also in Spain, Sweden, Chile, and Canada.
  • We are a value-driven company with the goal of being the best workplace in our industry.
  • Saalasti S.L.U. has workshop and office in León, Spain.
  • Please apply immediately: suitable candidates will proceed right away within the process.
  • Application deadline is the 31st of October. You will hear from us latest on the 6th of November.

As a Service Engineer at Saalasti S.L.U. you will:

  • Work in the field with our customers & provide best value solutions.
  • Sell our tailored services and parts to our customers.
  • Communicate with customers and partner networks by being present physically or via remote access.
  • Ramp up and develop our wear part refurbishment processes, spare & wear part manufacturing and local service team.
  • Make service inspections to our machines, give reports and recommendations, and agree actions accordingly with the customer.
  • Plan and supervise the service works, but also grab tools yourself when needed. Most of the work is mechanical maintenance. However, there are also hydraulic, electrical and automation systems in our machines.
  • Identify new business opportunities and actively work to make them a reality.

If the above generated interest in Saalasti and a strong belief that you would be the best candidate to succeed in the position, we suggest that you take your time and read carefully the following text.

Working environment in Service Engineer position at Saalasti S.L.U.

  • Most of our customers are in the following industries:
    • Bioenergy production from solid biomass
    • Wood handling in pulp & paper and sawmills
  • We serve our customers in France, Spain and Portugal. Saalasti headquarter with technology and service teams are in Finland. Therefore, strong language skills are indispensable, fluent English is mandatory and fluency in French is particularly valued.
  • Our customers are experts in their processes - we are expected to level and exceed their knowledge.
  • For us selling value is as important as selling products.
  • Service calls can come in tight schedule and we must act rapidly, even though the target is always on preventive maintenance. Flexibility is a must, as is willingness to travel.
  • Capability to work under great stress is needed.
  • We participate in new sales and projects on our area. This gives a wide view of what is going on in our business sector and provides wide professional network as well as change for the work routines.
  • Engineering mindset, good communicating skills, ability to learn and adapt quickly and itch to use tools by yourself when needed will take you far in our company. You will not have many monotonic workdays in the office!
  • You and your position at Saalasti will grow according to your capabilities and interests.

Saalasti: Value-driven family business

Saalasti ( manufactures machinery for converting biomass into fuel for power plants. We work, install and service where our customers are: all over the world. Saalasti headquarter is in Finland, near Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In Finland we have around 40 experts. In addition, we operate service centers in Sweden, Spain, Chile and Canada with local expert staff.

Everything at Saalasti is compared to our Values. At Saalasti we treasure the values of a family business. Long-term stability and wellbeing at work are more important for us than uncontrolled growth. This is something that our employees appreciate. The young third generation is already working at Saalasti - not because of last name but talent.

Our work has a purpose: sustainability. We want to take part in generating a cleaner world and a better workplace. We believe that great things happen when people with similar values work together in an innovative organization and have real influence on what they do at work.

COVID-19 has not affected Saalasti Oy much, at least so far. We are lucky to operate in pulp & paper and bioenergy industries that have not been hit by the economical situation. Societies are basically using as much energy as before COVID-19, and for example the demand for packaging materials has increased due to people ordering more goods online. We are expecting to increase both our profit and turnover in 2020 compared to the previous year, and to continue the growth in the upcoming years.

Working at Saalasti

Your coach, the leader of Saalasti daughter company in Spain is a professional beyond compare. His attitude most likely is among the best in the whole company, and he leads from the front and grabs tools at the site when needed. He has excellent communication skills and as a result has good relationships with his team, customers and suppliers. He is just, fair and nice but also demanding. He has worked a long time at Saalasti with projects and engineering.

As our customers are located around the world, our employees must travel a lot. To get the most out of business trips, you need to understand material handling and the inner life of machines together with customer’s process and needs. Everyone at Saalasti must be technically talented and self-directed: we build our story and the brand of Saalasti when we interact with our clients. We appreciate that decisions are done where the knowledge of a specific matter is the best, whether it is an individual person, group of employees, team leader or management team.

The importance of the work content

We like continuous improvement – something we have adopted from Lean to Saalasti Way of Operating. Our staff continuously improves one’s working methods as well as our company’s other processes. In addition to improvement suggestions, work at Saalasti is based on teamwork and co-operation in an open and dialogic culture.

We pay a decent salary. We do not believe that our employees should be primarily motivated by money. The content of one’s work – bioenergy, sustainable technology and customer satisfaction – has to be the real source for both motivation and work wellbeing. This is true even though we already stand in a better financial position than most of the companies in our field of business. We are good, not yet perfect and might never be, but we strive for better in everything we do.

The recruitment process: How to apply to Saalasti?

The recruitment process consists of five steps:

  1. Online application form
  2. Interviews (phone & Skype, Teams or Google Meets)
  3. Online general mental ability test (GMA)
  4. Interviews at Saalasti’s office
  5. Reference checks

Saalasti Oy has invested a lot in studying the best scientifically proven recruitment and assessment methods. This is why we use a general mental ability (GMA) test in all of our engineering and professional recruitments. The scientific literature is unanimous that GMA is the best predictor of future job performance, especially in complex jobs that require a lot of information processing. In addition, the more complex the job is, the better GMA predicts job performance. Lastly, GMA correlates highly with the ability to learn fast. If you want to know more about GMA in employee selection, please take a look at this ( presentation that summarizes well the results of a meta-analysis conducted by Schmidt 2016*.

Since people apply to Saalasti from far away (and due to COVID-19), we do not want to invite people physically to interviews before the final stage. The final interview will also help you to get to know your team even well before you make your decision regarding us.

Apply here:


*The original research paper of Schmidt can be found here: