The video above is a few years old and Timo Saalasti is currently the Chairman of the Board. Our CEO is Petteri Korpioja.

We are recruiting a Bid / Sales Support Manager to our globally operating family company!

  • Saalasti Oy is a value-driven company with the goal of being the best workplace in our industry.
  • Our clients operate in pulp & paper, energy, sawmill, and pellet industries.
  • Our quotations and agreements are long, complex and technical documents that make or break the profitability of our deals. Negotiations with our clients that are tens of times bigger than us are often challenging.
  • Understanding both the tiny details and the bigger picture of our bids are required in this job, as well as punctuality and a passion for technical documentation.
  • Please apply immediately: suitable candidates will proceed right away within the process.
  • Application deadline has been extended and the new deadline is the 23rd of May

As a Bid Manager you will:

  • Create quotations, including commercial and technical specifications, for our industrial customers.
    • Project cost accounting
    • Layout design skill are seen as an asset
    • Technical description / specification
  • Work with our clients' technical teams in order to manage the clients’ needs and requirements.
  • Work with our engineering and project staff to establish the design and delivery concepts during the bid stage.
  • Define project scope, budget, cash flows, schedules, and delivery commitments.
  • Implement a new CRM system for Saalasti
  • Manage and solve subcontractor, interdepartmental, and client-related issues in quotation phase.
  • Work in close collaboration with our CEO’s in Canada, Chile, Spain & Sweden and with our Sales managers.

You work in the intersection of sales, project management, sourcing and design. This is a new kind of role at Saalasti, which might mean that we all need to learn and adapt in the beginning.

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About us

Saalasti Finland Oy manufactures machinery ( for converting biomasses for fuel for power plants, pulp mills, sawmills and pellet mills. We work, deliver, install and perform maintenance where our customers live: all over the world. Saalasti headquarters is located in Juvanmalmi, Espoo, near Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In Espoo we have some 40 staff, and globally the Saalasti Group employs about 120 people. The revenue of Saalasti Group is going to be close to 30 M€ in 2021 and the company is financially strong. Saalasti has local operations in Canada, Chile, Spain and Sweden.

In addition to the bioenergy machinery business of Saalasti Finland and it’s daughter companies around the world, Saalasti Group includes also Teräspöyrä Oy in Voikkaa (railway machinery and maintenance) and the recently acquired Cross Wrap Oy in Siilinjärvi, which manufactures packaging and bale opening devices for recycling industry and circular economy.

A value-driven family business

Everything at Saalasti is compared to our Values. At Saalasti we treasure the values of a family business. Long-term stability and wellbeing at work are more important for us than uncontrolled growth. This is something that our employees appreciate and why we actually grow and generate wellbeing. The young third Saalasti-generation is already working at our Board and as special forces - not because of last name but passion and talent.

Our work has a purpose: sustainability. We want to take part in sustainable development. We also want to be a better workplace. Every day. We believe that great things happen when people with similar values work together in an innovative organization and have real influence on what they do at work. We want to be among the best workplaces in Finland. Therefore, we take part in Great Place To Work® program and want to achieve a nomination among the very best. An ambitious goal, yes, for a manufacturing company, and we are not there yet. But we are already good and improving every day.

COVID-19 has not affected any of the companies in Saalasti Group much, at least so far. We are lucky to operate in industries that have not been hit by the economical situation. Societies are basically using as much energy as before COVID-19, and for example the demand for packaging materials has increased due to people ordering more goods online. We are expecting to increase both our profit and turnover in 2021 compared to the previous year, and to continue the growth in the upcoming years.

Your work at Saalasti

You are joining Saalasti’s Technical team, but you work in the middle of sales, design, sourcing and project management. You work in close collaboration with our CEO’s in Canada, Chile, Spain & Sweden and with our Sales managers. You report to the head of our Technical team, who is a nice, easy-going but demanding person with great technical and communication skills.

Your work consists of:

  • Creating typically long, complex and technical quotation & agreement documents
    • Only a few deals are closed every year even if you work full time with bids and sales support
  • Supporting our sales managers and CEOs in complex negotiations with our big customers
  • Implementing a new CRM system for Saalasti.
  • Producing content to Saalasti’s digital platforms.
  • Creating the documentation of Saalasti’s offering, schedule and risks, and taking the responsibility of their validity.
  • Supporting in business development, for example business calculations for R&D projects.

Our machines are a small part of giant investments, which are often delayed due to reasons out of our control. Unfortunately, this means that you are going to be dealing with delays and setbacks.

The importance of the content of your own work

We like continuous improvement – something we have adopted from Lean to Saalasti Way of Operating. Our staff continuously improves one’s working methods as well as our company’s other processes. In addition to improvement suggestions, work at Saalasti is based on teamwork and co-operation in an open and dialogic culture.

We pay a decent salary. We do not believe that our employees should be primarily motivated by money. The content of one’s work – bioenergy, sustainable technology, customer satisfaction and in your case sales – has to be the main source for both motivation and work wellbeing. This is true even though we already stand in a better financial position than most of the companies in our field of business. We are good, not yet perfect and might never be, but we strive for better in everything we do.

The recruitment process: How to apply to Saalasti?

The recruitment process consists of five steps:

  1. Online application form
  2. Online general mental ability test (GMA)
  3. Online interview(s) and a homework assignment
  4. Interview(s) at Saalasti’s office
  5. Reference checks

Saalasti Oy has invested a lot in studying the best scientifically proven recruitment and assessment methods. This is why we use a general mental ability (GMA) test in all of our managerial and professional recruitments. The scientific literature is unanimous that GMA is the best predictor of future job performance, especially in complex jobs that require a lot of information processing. In addition, the more complex the job is, the better GMA predicts job performance. Lastly, GMA correlates highly with the ability to learn fast. If you want to know more about GMA in employee selection, please take a look at this ( presentation that summarizes well the results of a meta-analysis conducted by Schmidt 2016*.

Since people apply to Saalasti from far away (and due to COVID-19), we do not want to invite people physically to interviews before the final stage. The final interview will also help you to get to know your team even well before you make your decision regarding us.

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Good luck!

*The original research paper of Schmidt can be found here: