70 vuotta kestäviä ratkaisuja

Miksi suomalainen perheyritys on olemassa vielä 70 vuotta perustamisensa jälkeen? Saalastin pitkän iän salaisuuksia ovat intohimo teknologiaan, varhainen rohkea kansainvälistyminen ja nöyrä asenne työntekoon. Ratkaisevaa on kuitenkin ollut kyky reagoida asiakkaiden muuttuviin tarpeisiin.

Saalastin asiakkaita ovat voimalaitokset ja sellutehtaat, jotka tuottavat puuperäisiin biomassoihin perutuen uusiutuvaa energiaa. Saalasti on saanut olla mukana auttamassa asiakkaitaan taistelemaan konkreettisesti ilmastonmuutosta vastaan jakamalla biomassojen prosessoinnin erikoisosaamistaan. Asiakkaamme muuttavat Saalastin toimittamilla laitteilla suorastaan hämmästyttävän suuren määrän kiinteää biomassaa voimalaitospolttoaineeksi. Tämä biomassa tuottaa asiakkaidemme bioenergialaitoksissa energiamäärän, joka vastaa yhteensä kymmenen keskikokoisen ydinreaktorin tai 18 keskikokoisen hiilivoimalan tehoa. Olemme konkreettisesti osa kestävän kehityksen energiaketjua. 

Tiivis yhteistyö asiakkaiden kanssa ja heidän prosessiensa jatkuva parantaminen on Saalastille ensisijaista. Siten yritys on onnistunut luomaan kahdesti uuden de facto teollisuusstandardin. Ensimmäisellä kerralla yhtiön perustaja Tapio Saalasti keksi, miten kuorimojätteestä eli puun kuoresta saadaan kuivattua energiatehokkaasti polttoainetta sellutehtaiden käyttöön. Toisella kerralla yrityksessä kehitettiin käyttöpaikkamurskaus ja -haketinjärjestelmät, joiden energiatehokkuus ja elinkaarikustannukset säästävät voimalaitoksilta ja sellutehtailta pitkän pennin. Saalastin laitokset ovat kestäviä myös koska ne kestävät pitkään. Vanhimmat ovat olleet noin 30 vuotta käytössä.

Entä miksi Saalasti kehittäisi teollisuuden prosesseja vielä 70 vuoden päästä? Saalasti ei halua olla vain paras maailmassa, vaan parasta maailmalle. Saalastille tämä tarkoittaa uusien uusiutuvan energian käyttötapojen keksimistä ja todella hyvää työpaikkaa. Yritys haluaa olla Suomen paras metalliteollisuuden työpaikka, koska uskoo työntekijöidensä ratkaisevan yrityksen menestyksen. Kestävää kasvua yritys tavoittelee sparrausverkosto Kasvuryhmän jäsenenä. Saalasti on täynnä kehittämisen energiaa. 

Saalastin tarina osoittaa, että pienet perheyritykset voivat olla maailmalle merkityksellisiä. Suomi on täynnä hienoja pk-yrityksiä, jotka tekevät paitsi kannattavaa liiketoimintaa, myös hyvää ympäröivälle yhteiskunnalle. Saalasti jatkaa 70-vuotista taivaltaan kohti seuraavia juhlavuosia ylpeänä tähän joukkoon kuulumisesta. Ja haluaa kehittää 70 vuotta kestäviä ratkaisuja.

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Saalasti is recruiting the best Sales Manager to our Sales Team

Saalasti is recruiting the best Sales Manager to our Sales Team

Saalasti Oy is looking for a Sales Manager to enforce our sales team (DL 22.5.)


We would like to thank all the applicants who applied to the Sales Manager position earlier this year. Despite the large amount of good applications we decided to continue the recruitment. The reason for this was not the lack of talented applicants, but the perfect cultural and competence fit for the open Sales Manager position. We evaluated how satisfied and successful the applicants would have been in the Sales Manager position at Saalasti, and the conclusion was that we did not find the right applicant for our sales team. Please send your application and let’s find out if you are the right match!

Working environment in Sales Manager position at SaalastiTTS-20160205-Kuvakollaasi

  • Most of our customers are in the following industries:
    • Bioenergy production from solid biomass
    • Wood handling in pulp & paper and saw mills.
  • Our customers are experts in their processes - we are expected to level and exceed their knowledge.
  • For us selling value is as important as selling products.
  • We export 80% of our production and therefore we strive for adapting to smooth interaction with our customers all over the world. Strong language skills are indispensable, and fluency in Spanish is particularly valued.
  • Our business follows major investment projects, so work comes in waves. Flexibility is a must, as is willingness to travel.
  • We face every day new technologies and solutions, which should be rapidly analyzed, learnt and communicated.

As a Sales Manager at Saalasti You will:

  • Renew your passion for selling by joining your experience and methods with ours.
  • Work in close-knit team in providing best value solutions for our customers.
  • Bridge communications with customer, sales agents and partner networks by being present physically or via remote access
  • Participate in developing and elaborating our sales process.
  • Display a character of curiosity and open-mindedness. You can identify business opportunities in new fields and you will actively work to make them reality.

If the above generated interest in the company and a strong belief that you would be the best candidate to succeed in the position of Sales Manager, we suggest that you take your time and read carefully the following text.

Saalasti Oy: Value-driven family business

Saalasti Oy manufactures machinery for converting forest biomass into fuel for power plants. We work, install and service where our customers are: all over the world. Saalasti’s headquarters is located in Juvanmalmi, Espoo, near Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In Espoo we have around 40 experts – in addition we operate service centers Sweden and Canada with local expert staff. We work through a worldwide agency network and new service centers are to be opened in strategic locations abroad.

At Saalasti we treasure the values of a family business. Long-term stability and wellbeing at work are more important for us than uncontrolled growth. This is something that our employees appreciate. The young third generation is already working at Saalasti - not because of last name but talent.

Our work has a purpose: sustainable technology. We want to take part in generating a cleaner world and a better workplace. We believe that great things happen when people with similar values work together in an innovative organization and have real influence on what they do at work. We want to be among the best manufacturing workplaces in Finland and are taking part in the Great Place To Work program to verify that. An ambitious goal, yes, and we admit we are not there yet. But we are already good and improve every day.

Working at Saalasti

Your coach and supervisor, our VP Sales Juha Kettunen is a real pro in technology – he has both Master of Science in Engineering and eMBA degrees – and he has been practicing both sales and leadership in earnest. Juha has worked in Saalasti for over 15 years. Juha’s emphasis in sales is creating solid value proposals and defining the achievable value in euros for the decision makers or influencers. On the other hand, he has a strong technical knowledge and interest in Saalasti’s product portfolio because he has been developing many of our products earlier as Saalasti’s Chief Engineer. He demands a lot, but he is also nice and just. One thing is for sure: Juha definitely beats us all in road cycling.

As our customers are located around the world, you need to travel 50 to 100 days per year. To get the most out of business trips, you need to be passionate about selling complex technologies in other cultures and understand material handling and the inner life of machines. This requires deep knowledge of technology and good interpersonal skills, not necessarily some particular degree or education.

Everyone at Saalasti has to be technically talented and self-directed: we build our story and the brand of Saalasti when we interact with our clients. We appreciate that decisions are done where the knowledge of a specific matter is the best, whether it is an individual person, group of employees, team leader or management team. 

The importance of the work content

We expect our staff to continuously improve their own working methods as well as our company’s other processes. In our ERP we have a suggestion box where we make already about three improvement suggestions per person per year. We strive for many more, since we believe in everyone enhancing their wellbeing at work by continuously suggesting small improvements, both concerning one’s own work and our products and both inside and outside one’s field of responsibility. In line with this, we have an open source ERP that enables us to continuously develop it and our processes in general.

In addition to improvement suggestions, work at Saalasti is based on teamwork and co-operation in an open and dialogic culture. This may sound fun and easy, which it often really is, but on the other hand openness requires bringing up also all difficult subjects to discussion. Challenging discussions and conflicts do sometimes emerge.

We pay a decent salary. We believe that a sales person’s salary should have performance-related elements. On the other hand, we do not believe that our employees should be primarily motivated by money. The content of one’s work – bioenergy, sustainability, machines, customer satisfaction etc. – has to be the real source for both motivation and work wellbeing. We would like to pay everyone so much to get the money for sure out of people’s minds. To be honest, we are not yet profitable enough to do this in the scale we would like, even though we already have a better financial standing than most of the companies in our field of business. We are good, but we strive for better!

The recruitment process: How to apply to Saalasti?

Saalasti’s recruitment process starts with filling a web form and submitting the requested attachments. The second step in the process will be offline videoing and/or Skype interviews. This all is to ensure that everyone has the same chance to get hired and to minimize the effect of various rating errors. As an example, we read your name and CV only after evaluating your web form answers so that we are not biased by any halo effect. Furthermore, as people apply to Saalasti from far away, we do not want to invite people physically to interviews before the final stage. Our interviews might not be what you expect, but they are what they are for a reason. They also help you to get to know your team even well before you make decisions regarding us. Finally, we do not want to consider the probationary period as an employee-choosing period but just as a mutual insurance for satisfaction.

Start here: http://www.saalasti.fi/recruiting/sales-manager-job-advertisement/sales-manager-online-form

Good luck!

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