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Contact information

    Person   Email   Telephone
Sales   Juha Kettunen    sales(a)   +358 40 709 1528
Service       service(a)    +358 40 709 1509
Accounting   Miina Jyrkänne   account(a)   +358 9 2511 550
Office       office(a)   +358 9 2511 550

Saalasti Ltd. (main office, Finland)

Telephone   +358 9 2511 550
Fax   +358 9 2511 5510
Email   info(a)
Office entrace   Juvantie 1, 02920 Espoo
Mail and freight address   Juvan teollisuuskatu 28, 02920 Espoo
VAT-number   FI02975354
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Saalasti Sverige AB

Person   Robert Rouvari
Telephone   +46 70 270 7496
Fax   +358 9 2511 5510
Email   robert.rouvari(a)
Address   Videvägen 1, SE-73438
Hallstahammar, Sverige
Organisationsnummer   556948-9213

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Saalasti Service Ltd., Canada

Telephone   +1 250 714 2433
Email   service(a)
Address   1930 Northfield rd.,
Nanaimo, BC, V9S 3B5
Business number   79978 5290

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Saalasti SpA, Chile

Telephone   +56 41-256 8050
Email   service(a)
Address   Calle Marcopolo N°9038
Concepción, Chile
RUT   76.609.828-2

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An International Expert


Green Values


Our location

Saalasti's machines are located all over the world. We deliver machines to five continents, and our local agents are helping us on the distant markets. Our agents will serve you with local language and expertise.

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All the electric and thermal power produced with Saalasti's products is made from renewable energy sources. The environment and sustainable development are very important for us. We are doing our part to make the Earth a better place.


Saalasti's office and production facilities are located in Espoo, Finland, next to the Helsinki International airport.

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